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Access the chapters of the manual via the Home page link on the top navigation bar and clicking on the chapter in the image on the Home page (image of Home page shown at right).

This manual is in a question and answer format. Use the chapter outline below or the table of contents on the left side of the page to navigate through the chapters.

You can also navigate within chapters using the arrows,

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at the bottom of each page. These arrows do not proceed or go back to other chapters.

Some links within the manual are Acrobat (PDF), Word (DOC) or Excel (XLS) files that can be downloaded and saved to your computer. The type of file is indicated next to the link. Other links may open in a new window that takes you off the site to other Web sites; you can return to the manual by closing the new window. Note that links to the Safety Net Dental Clinic Manual take you to that manual's introductory page, which then requires clicking on the desired chapter unit.

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Buttons on the top tool bar include:

  • Print: Using this print button eliminates the table of contents on the left side of the printed page.

  • Home: This button takes you to the home page of the Web site, which is hosted by the National Maternal and Child Oral Health Resource Center.

  • Resources: A reference list of relevant materials and Web sites is provided.

  • Help: This button contains links to various browsers and software that might be needed to best view the Web pages.

  • Credits: Chapter authors and other key individuals and organizations that contributed to the manual are listed.

  • Search: Use the the free-text Google search tool or the chapter outline below to browse the manual's contents.

  • Feedback: This form allows you to provide comments and suggestions about the manual that will be considered by the core team assigned to update the manual. If you need help with navigation or other questions, email

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