Portable Equipment

Portable equipment is used to provide oral health services, especially preventive services, to specific population groups or persons who cannot easily access a fixed facility or mobile clinic, e.g., someone who is homebound or in a residential care facility. It is difficult to provide more than basic dental care using this delivery method. The type of equipment also will affect productivity and patient and provider comfort. Portable equipment allows for a great deal of mobility, taking services to patients in their own community or setting. It is relatively inexpensive to purchase, does not require special utilities or construction to operate, is easily transported by car or other vehicle, and is quick to set up and take down.

portable dental chair       delivery system            portable x-ray

Portable dental equipment ranges from units under 60lbs., mid-range units up to 100lbs. and self-contained (water/air sources and waste collection) units and carts. Determining the type of portable equipment to use should be based on:

  • The phys ical environment of the site (e.g., space considerations and electric/water availability)
  • The range of dental procedures that will be provided
  • The size and weight of equipment based on the capability of the staff that will transport and set-up equipment
  • cost

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