Mobile Dental Systems Getting Started
a. What are the options for buying vehicles?

  1. Self-contained motorized vans:
    • Retrofitted RV or a used dental van
    • New vehicle on an RV chassis
    • Step-up van (like an airport shuttle)--can buy as a shell and then make into dental van
    • Commercial duty coach that is designed, engineered and built for dental services
  2. Trailer that is designed as a dental clinic but is not self-propelled and needs to be hauled or towed by a truck to sites.

These will be discussed in detail throughout the chapter to allow comparisons on a variety of factors. Links to examples of programs using the different options are included in this chapter and in Chapter 4. The following list of mobile vendors and their Web sites will provide more details about their products. Financial/purchasing arrangements are covered in another section.

Mobile Vendors Web site
American Dental Industries (ADI)
Armor Mobile Systems
Clegg Industries, Inc.
Farber Specialty Vehicles
Matthews Specialty Vehicles, Inc
Medical Coaches, Inc.
Mobile Conversions, Inc.
Mobile Medical & Command Center Vehicles, Inc.
OBS Specialty Vehicles, Inc.
Universal Specialty Vehicles, Inc.
Winnebago Industries