Mobile Dental Systems Van Structural Considerations
a. What are my expectations of a vehicle?

The foremost expectation is consistent delivery of dental care to your target populations. The vehicle is not, however, the solution to all dental access problems. Some individuals will be too frail, too unreliable or have needs that are too complex for treatment in a mobile van. Selection of your target populations is a crucial decision when trying to make realistic decisions for a mobile vehicle. The second expectation is to keep staff focused on health care not vehicle repair. This impacts decisions about buying new vs used vs retrofitted vehicles, as well as staff selection and training. Third, the vehicle has to be safe and easy to drive for a variety of different people (need to accommodate all body types.) Does the seat easily adjust? Do the mirrors offer a good view of the sides of the vehicle? This is a large vehicle; comfort and vision equal safety, not only to you, but for the public. See more details under the Vehicle Design section.