Mobile Dental Systems Van Structural Considerations
j. What are some climate considerations?

Extreme temperatures must be considered. Find out highest/lowest temperatures and humidity variations in areas where the vehicle will operate. Adequate insulation is important. Keeping the vehicle going at night to maintain the internal climate requires shore power (if needed) for long periods. Vehicles in warmer climates do not have the same requirements as vehicles in climates with extreme temperature variations. Ask other mobile programs about their challenges faced in all four seasons.

Warm climates
In warmer climates, on-board water has little chance of freezing. Being sure that the heating system is operating properly is usually enough precaution to take in that climate. A climate with higher temperatures and humidity may require an HVAC system specifically suited for that environment. There also are options for insulating the floors in very hot climates.

Cold or variable climates
Proper HVAC is not enough. Fresh water tank heaters are the norm, but the waste water also needs to be protected from freezing. Most people understand that without freshwater the program is down, but the same holds true for waste water. If waste water tanks are frozen and cannot be emptied, the program is down for the day or longer if there are plumbing damages due to the freeze.