Mobile Dental Systems Van Structural Considerations
p. Where do I store my vehicle and how much does it cost?
If vehicles are driven long distances in rural or frontier areas or away from the home site, they usually are kept at the worksite or driven to a motel or wherever the driver is staying. It may be important for shore power to be at this location. The manufacturer will provide power (electrical) requirements and plug-receptacle type before delivery. If shore power is not available, then leave the generator on at night to keep the unit within operating temperatures. This will protect water from freezing and from extreme high temperatures. This should not be done on an extended basis as the generator will burn out. Some systems include a "mechanical systems alert" feature. This feature alerts the program personnel of an HVAC problem so they might be able to fix problems before downtime occurs. Depending on the style of vehicle you purchase, enclosed storage is not always necessary. Confirm overall height, width and length of the vehicle before making arrangements for storing it.

In high crime areas, it is advisable to locate a secure, well-lit parking lot or secure garage. Security can be enhanced by adding an alarm system from the vehicle manufacturer. Alarm systems that include door/window sensors and motion detectors are available and recommended. Although you may not store any pharmaceuticals on the vehicle, thieves might think otherwise if they identify it as a health care program.

Storage space is calculated on a per foot basis. Example: $10 per foot per month = $400 a month for a 40 foot unit. You may need to calculate charges for electricity and water as well.