Mobile Dental Systems Building and Delivering the Vehicle
d. How do we plan for maintenance of the mobile vehicle?

Maintenance of the mobile vehicle requires scheduled service of the engine, generator, HVAC, wheelchair lift, stair glides, and tires according to manufacturer specifications. Read warranties carefully to assure they are valid for the way you are using the equipment. View an example of a daily, weekly and monthly maintenance checklist.

Develop procedures to assure the floors, walls, and light fixtures remain clean. A cleaning schedule (.xls) for routine and "deep" cleaning is advised. Keep in mind that a few issues will differ from a fixed clinic site For example, shelving and inside cabinetry that is located near the generator will soil quickly and will require more frequent cleaning Decide where you will store cleaning equipment and supplies.

Maintaining the dental equipment on a mobile clinic is no different than in a fixed office setting. Assign responsibilities for maintaining the equipment. Decide if you need a maintenance person or a maintenance contract  will be responsible for changing air filters, light bulbs, etc? Having staff who can troubleshoot problems is a good investment. Have a contingency plan for equipment failures. Can you make up for down time using portable equipment at a site?

Make sure you budget for maintenance. The interactive budget sheet in this chapter budgets about $4,000 for maintenance for each operatory of dental equipment. Estimates for vehicle maintenance generally are about $500-$800 per month, depending on region of the country.