Mobile Dental Systems Staffing
c. What are some recruitment considerations?

Providing services in mobile programs can be extremely rewarding, but is very different from working at a fixed clinic site. The benefits need to be emphasized in any recruitment efforts. Recruiting paid staff involves thoughtfully written advertisements or announcements placed in newspapers, journals, newsletters or online that may be read by a diverse population of candidates. Placing an ad for a dentist in the local paper of a rural community is probably not going to net many responses, but ads for other staff may get responses for dental assistants, van drivers, project coordinators or volunteer dentists or dental hygienists. Other resources for recruiting dental health professionals might be:

Carefully develop your scopes of work and qualifications for each position and then view them as a whole to make sure all responsibilities are covered. Special characteristics you might want to include are: being able to work well in a confined work space, ability to communicate with all types of people, adapt easily to changing situations, openly communicate about problems or concerns, and work on solutions to problems as a team