Mobile Dental Systems Staffing
g. What are some orientation and retention issues?

Finding dental staff is only part of the picture. Think about how you will train staff and other providers and how you will keep them. Who will provide orientation to the philosophy, policies and procedures that guide the practice? When will this occur? Do you have some way to assure that staff understood their orientation? View a list of suggested topics for orientation.


Policies and procedures outlining expectations for service are critical regardless of staffing patterns. To assure quality and consistent care, there needs to be clear expectations of every employee, volunteer, and contractor. Each person's performance must be routinely evaluated against these expectations, with appropriate and timely feedback given.

Retaining staff over time is challenging, particularly in a mobile practice. Traveling in a mobile van or driving it as a part of the workday can become tedious. Working with community-based programs to schedule appointments in multiple sites can be frustrating. Treating a specific population, such as only young children, can become a concern to a dental provider who has not specialized. How will you assure your practice is not a revolving door for providers? Is there another practice in a fixed clinic or hospital with which you can share your staff? It is the administrator's challenge to design a system where people enjoy their work and find it continually rewarding and challenging. Providing time off or compensation for continuing education is one benefit that is valued.