Mobile Dental Systems Program Operations
a. What are some tips for marketing mobile services?

It may not seem necessary to market a service that you think is likely to be overwhelmed by demand. However, if your objective is to enroll as many individuals as possible in a given program, there may be a variety of reasons why some who need the service the most will not enroll unless motivated to do so. A patient in a long-term care facility may be ill and too weak or overwhelmed to want to enroll in a dental program. Yet poor oral health may be contributing to the illness. A parent may be embarrassed to divulge that they have never taken their child for dental care. Therefore, it is important to market services and explain the connection between overall health and oral health to key staff, community partners, patients and their families.

Targeting marketing materials to specific groups may be more effective than using a general marketing approach. Write your materials in a clear, easy to read format, usually at a fifth or sixth grade level. Materials introducing a program to children should be age appropriate. Promotional printed material for senior citizens should be developed in a large type size because of possible visual impairment. Consider the following tips: