Mobile Dental Systems Program Operations
c. What determines the hours of operation?

It is likely that your program will not operate on a 9 to 5 schedule. The daily schedule should be planned to meet the needs of the target population and/or the activities of the host site. It is important to have a designated key site contact person or liaison who can inform you of hours the site can accommodate the program, the normal schedule of activities, and special activities that may interfere with your program's access to patients. Try to schedule a site when there are the least potential interruptions for your program. Sites that demonstrate a disregard for the importance of your time should not be rescheduled, or your arrangement with them should be renegotiated.

   The following are factors to consider as you plan for the hours of operation:

It is very important to communicate closely with the site liaison so that changes in the schedule or other issues that arise are known as soon as possible.