Table of Contents

Manual Overview

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Planning

Chapter 2 - Mobile Dental Systems
  1. Getting Started
  2. Van Structural Considerations
    1. What are my expectations of a vehicle?
    2. How big should the vehicle be?
    3. Can we convert an RV?
    4. Should we buy a used vehicle?
    5. What is the difference between an RV and a commercial vehicle?
    6. What are the advantages of building a commercial vehicle vs. purchasing one already designed?
    7. What are the chassis and the drive train?
    8. What are some suspension considerations?
    9. What is the cost of a vehicle and what creates variation?
    10. What are some climate considerations?
    11. How does terrain influence our choices?
    12. How does operating range influence our decision?
    13. What types of generators are used?
    14. What heating and air conditioning options are available?
    15. What is shore power and do we need it?
    16. Where do I store my vehicle and how much does it cost?
  3. Vehicle Design
  4. Building and Delivering the Vehicle
  5. Staffing
  6. Program Operations
  7. Financing
Chapter 3 - Portable Equipment

Chapter 4 - Mobile-Portable Hybrid

Chapter 5 - Measuring Effectiveness and Outcomes