Table of Contents

Manual Overview

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Planning

Chapter 2 - Mobile Dental Systems
  1. Getting Started
  2. Van Structural Considerations
  3. Vehicle Design
    1. What are some basic design considerations?
    2. What are principals of a floor plan for mobile vehicles?
    3. What are infection control considerations during the planning stage?
    4. What are exterior safety considerations and other issues?
    5. What kind of equipment usually goes on a mobile van?
    6. What non-dental equipment is needed?
    7. What type of wheelchair access and types of lifts should we consider?
    8. Can we select décor/color combinations?
    9. Should we consider graphics on the outside of the vehicle?
  4. Building and Delivering the Vehicle
  5. Staffing
  6. Program Operations
  7. Financing
Chapter 3 - Portable Equipment

Chapter 4 - Mobile-Portable Hybrid

Chapter 5 - Measuring Effectiveness and Outcomes