Mobile-Portable Hybrid Virtual Dental Home Project
f. What relationships are important to establish with the host facility?

Virtual Dental Home.  Integrating with pre-existing community structures allows for continued community buy-in and sustainability of the model. These partnerships are a critical component of the project and exist at a variety of levels and organizations around California including:

School Districts: School district collaboration has been an important part of the school-based virtual dental home sites. The school district helps by serving as a host site, selecting appropriate locations for care, facilitating the consenting process and providing platforms for patient education (parent meetings, educational sessions, etc.

Head Start Preschools: Head Start Preschools serve as a natural community partner based on their shared emphasis on meeting children's healthcare needs. Head start Preschools help with the virtual dental home by serving as host sites, coordinating host sites and classrooms, managing consent packets and overall project support.

Partnering clinics:  Partnering health center dental clinics help to provide support through facilitation and treatment of patients needing more extensive dental care and offer wrap-around health care services.  Health Center partners also serve as a hub for families in need of further support.

Health Departments: Various health departments throughout California help by providing consultation and continued support to the virtual dental home.

Community Dentists: In many communities local dentists collaborate with the project. Dentists working on the project are committed to community-based healthcare, and undergo specific training in working in community-based telehealth connected teams.  Dentists serve as strong professional voices for the project within the dental community, and continue to serve the project in a variety of capacities.