Table of Contents

Manual Overview

Chapter 1 - Introduction/Planning

Chapter 2 - Mobile Dental Systems

Chapter 3 - Portable Equipment
  1. Patient Populations and Liaisons
    1. How do patient populations affect decisions about portable delivery systems?
    2. How important are community liaisons or site coordinators in portable delivery systems?
    3. What site considerations should be assessed?
  2. Design and Transportation
  3. Staffing
  4. Program Operations
  5. Risk Management
  6. Financial Considerations
  7. Virtual Dental Home Project
    1. What is the Virtual Dental Home?
    2. How does the Virtual Dental Home work?
    3. What locations and populations are being served?
    4. What equipment is being used?
    5. What are some staffing considerations?
    6. What relationships are important to establish with the host facility?
    7. Contact Information
Chapter 4 - Mobile-Portable Hybrid

Chapter 5 - Measuring Effectiveness and Outcomes