Mobile-Portable Hybrid Apple Tree Dental

a. What locations, facilities and populations are served?

Apple Tree Dental locations




Since 1985 Apple Tree Dental has grown to five regional Minnesota programs.  Using a “hub and spoke” model, comprehensive dental care is provided at over 120 community settings in multi-county areas across the state. Apple Tree’s patients include low-income families and children, persons with disabilities and the frail elderly. 86% of the patients are Medicaid enrollees. The clinics have much larger than usual treatment rooms designed to accommodate people in wheelchairs, gerichairs and stretchers who are unable to transfer into dental chairs. In addition, the clinics are the "home base" for delivery of on-site care in long-term care facilities, schools, group homes or Head Start centers. The clinics include office space for support staff and a heated garage where the Apple Tree Mobile Dental Offices are stored and maintained.