Mobile-Portable Hybrid Apple Tree Dental
b. What equipment and transportation system are used?

Apple Tree Mobile Dental Office

The amount of space needed to set up the Mobile Dental Office is twelve feet by twelve feet of usable space. Since the units are self-contained, the only other necessities are two electrical outlets and a sink. The sink is needed to operate an ultrasonic cleaner for instruments. Waterless hand cleaners are stocked in case there is not a sink available in the treatment room.

The Apple Tree Mobile Dental Office includes everything found in a typical dental office, and includes many advanced technologies, such as digital x-rays, plasma arc light curing units and Statim sterilization equipment. Each Mobile Dental Office is comprised of four units: a dental chair, an operator's cart, an assistant's cart and an x-ray/supply unit. The A-dec Company designed the equipment using a wheeled base and standard parts to reduce maintenance and repair problems.

View a 50 second video of the delivery and set up of equipment

The Apple Tree Mobile Offices are transported in a large customized truck, called a "Multi-Site Delivery Vehicle," or "MDV". This truck holds up to three mobile offices at one time. Daily routes are based on mapping software to determine the equipment pick-up and drop- off sequence. The drivers typically work the second shift, i.e., 4 pm to midnight. At the end of each clinical day, the MDV driver picks up the Mobile Dental Offices and delivers them to the facilities on the next day's schedule. If there are any maintenance needs for specific units, they can be swapped with other units, and Apple Tree can have extra units in the warehouse.

The truck that transports the equipment is scaled for the number of units needed to be transported daily — ideally at least 2 operatories -- 14 foot to 24 foot bed. Lighting is needed in the truck bed. The equipment is secured by hardware in the truck floor and walls. A source of heat for the truck box is required in areas where freezing is a problem. The truck does not require a generator.

The Apple Tree Mobile Office carries a wide variety of equipment and instruments for various preventive, restorative, endodontics, oral surgery, and prosthodontics procedures. Digital x-ray equipment and laptop computers are used. Digital radiographs are transferred to the company server. Dental providers have access to radiographs for their own patients, and all patient radiographs are available on the company server if needed to forward to insurance companies.

Automobiles are needed for assistants to transport bin systems and other supplies from central office to the clinic site. The company either can buy or lease vehicles, or reimburse employees for mileage if their own vehicles are used. Cell phones for mobile dental personnel are a necessity and are required by the Minnesota Board of Dentistry when providing on-site dental services.