Mobile-Portable Hybrid Apple Tree Dental
d. What relationships are important to establish with the host facility?

To coordinate care in long-term care settings, the Apple Tree model includes training a volunteer "Dental Liaison" from each of its host facilities. The Dental Liaison is the communications link between Apple Tree and the facility. The most important responsibilities of the Dental Liaison include:

Non-dental personnel are critical in identifying clients' oral health needs and connecting them to dental personnel who can address those needs. Other facility staff members, such as nurses, social workers, teachers, or health coordinators, can also be key resources for overcoming barriers to care.

In long-term care, nurses play several key roles, such as providing health status updates and relaying dental concerns to the dental liaison. Following dental visits, nursing staff are responsible for carrying out post-operative orders. Nurses also assist with medical-dental consultations and the administration of pre-procedural medications when directed by a dentist or physician. Medical consults are automated and have to be coordinated on days of the dental visit. Other roles for nurses include assisting with communication and behavior management.

In the Head Start setting, health coordinators and teachers play important roles. They help collect health history and consent forms, assist families with obtaining health insurance coverage, and help students with daily oral care. Head Start staff members are also available to help with translating and/or overcoming cultural barriers to care.