Articles, Reports, and Books

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Manuals and Other Online Resources

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Mobile and Portable Dental Services in Preschool and School Settings: Complex Issues. Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors. is a dual-purpose website focused on 1) mapping all mobile health programs across the country,  and 2) offering mobile healthcare providers an online tool for calculating an ROI (return-on-investment) ratio for their mobile health services - a quantified value of mobile health clinic interventions that defines costs spared to the nation's greater healthcare system.

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Rural Assistance Center. Information guide includes dental section with extensive resources

Special Care Dentistry Association. Umbrella organization for American Society for Geriatric Dentistry, American Association of Hospital Dentists and Academy of Dentistry for Persons with Disabilities


Access Dental Care

Apple Tree Dental

Columbia University Community DentCare Network

Delta Dental of South Dakota Mobile Program

Guides and Resources on Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Kansas Dental Charitable Foundation Mission of Mercy

Medical Teams International Mobile Dental Program

Mission Children's Hospital Asheville, NC, Dental Outreach Program and ToothBus

Missouri Elks Mobile Dental Program for Developmentally Disabled Persons

Delta Dental of Oklahoma Oral Health Foundation MobileSmiles Oklahoma

PennSmiles Program


QueensCare School-Based Mobile Dental Program

Rochester's Collaborative School-Based Dental Program

Ronald McDonald Care Mobile Program

St David's Foundation Dental Program

Tennessee Mobile Dental Public Health Clinics

Tooth Mobile. Santa Clara, CA

University of Michigan Migrant Dental Program

University of the Pacific Virtual Dental Home System of Care

USC Mobile Dental Clinics


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